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Corporate power holds government hostage

March 6, 2010

The corporate power that holds the government hostage has appropriated for itself the potent symbols, language, and patriotic traditions of the state. It purports to defend freedom, which it defines as the free market, and liberty, which it defines as the liberty to exploit. It sold us on the illusion that the free market was the natural outgrowth of democracy and a force of nature, at least until the house of cards collapsed and these corporations needed to fleece the taxpayers to survive. Making that process even more insidious, the real sources of power remain hidden. those who run our largest corporations are largely anonymous to the mass of citizens. The anonymity of corporate forces — an earthly Deus absconditus — makes them unaccountable. They have the means to hide and divert us from examining the decaying structures they have created. As Karl Marx understood, capitalism when it is unleashed from government and regularory control is a revolutionary force. page 143 Empire of Illusion by Chris Hedges


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